breaking bad…

KASIA THE GREATI’ve located my gym stuff and have had a recent spike in courage topped off with a bit of audacity (blame this on a recent course of prednisone). After 2+ years couch surfing and video streaming myself into the void, I am waking up.

Enter Kasia out of “nowhere” during one of my sleepless and darkest nights last week as a fb post of one of her “clients” holding up a skirt twice her size streams across my screen along with the words “training” to hike the PCT. My interest piqued, my batteries instantly charged. But, wait, Kasia is a yoga teacher?! She and I met all those years ago in Rolf Gates Advanced Vinyasa TT. Fast forward 7 years, Kasia is now a Personal Trainer at Anytime Fitness Ghent.

When Kasia decided to honor her inner wisdom and “Just Do It” this is, in part, what she told her friends…

“I’m hooked. I’ve decided to do 2 more shows!!” Prep for a contest is hard. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done but I’ve fallen in love with every part of it .  It’s okay if you don’t get it. Or you don’t like it. Or you think I’m “too skinny” or if you think I’m starving myself. It’s not something many people will ever understand. I’m doing this for me. For my mind and my body. To push myself past where I thought was possible and it’s so empowering!!”

This was the result…

This woman is a Warrior and I want her on my team! She is the definition of wholehearted if ever there was one. It is so intoxicating! I have recruited Kasia as my very own fitness coach/personal trainer and all around ass-kicker extraordinaire.We have taken my “before” pictures and measurements. While my body is racked with the side effects of prednisone, at least 20 unnecessary pounds, and various aches and pains, I am as wholehearted as I can ever remember being and I’m ready for breaking bad!

Memories… from Katrina Kenison (co-author with Rolf of Meditations from the Mat)…“You know,” Rolf suggested, as we eased down into child pose, resting foreheads to mats, coming into stillness, “it is okay to be vulnerable. In fact a willingness to feel our feelings completely, to show our vulnerability, to acknowledge our own tenderness and confusion, is really what living wholeheartedly is all about. To be wholehearted is to be vulnerable.


Join Rolf for a 3 minute centering audio “Becoming Wholehearted

walking with you, waking with you, Rees