the re-greening of the laurel…

So many coinkydinks on the wind to me of late. The fox, the butterfly, the warrior princess, songs, pictures, dreams…

My studies of “The Gospel of Mary” and “The Gospel of the Beloved Companion” have both vindicated and validated me. The creative essence housed in us all is not to be dictated to by mere mortals. Hard-pressed as I have been to swallow what others do, so freely, so easily, I see now that I have been spared and driven by an inner prompting that may never be satiated. Intense scrutiny of things handed me as Truth has often been a lonely pursuit which is hard to bear at times and often misunderstood. A great healing is underfoot as, apparently, the Light cannot be extinguished, positioned far too deep and its energy far too strong.

I am introduced to a prophecy indicating the historical return of the Cathar’s by the “re-greening of the laurel” after the blazing siege at Montsegur where so many Cathars were burned alive by the Roman Catholic Crusaders. Are we at the precipice of the return of Love and Light that was promised? The possibility that many of us just may be newer incarnates of the Cathar DNA is exciting. Thanks be that the borders of America have been open long enough for some of us to be safely enmeshed in her loins where we are free from the inquisitions (for the most part). It is a breath of fresh, piercing insight that after having been burned and all but eradicated that the laurel of Catharism could be greening once again.

Grateful for the chance meeting of Rev Paula and this book study which might just be the culmination of a lifetime of looking under rocks, behind forbidden doors and around scary corners. Breathing deeply at what was endured by women such as Mary of Magdalene and Escarlamonde de Foix AND the men that were not threatened by the Truth.

I am blessed. I am here. I am open. I am listening.

think on this and love, Rees


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